ALASKA william st. show SafARI 2016 ~ 23


ALASKA william st. show SafARI 2016 ~ 23

Matthew Linde



Artist SafARI 2016


Claudia Nicholson (NSW) was born in Bogota, Colombia. She is currently undertaking a Masters by research at UNSW Art and Design. Her installations and sculptures are quiet homages to Colombia intended to speak broadly of the diasporic experience. Inherent to her practice is a desire to connect to her heritage through performative and commemorative actions.

Before us
Claudia explores folkloric modes of visual authorship that transcend and are appropriated from their original cultures. Before us builds a historical narrative that links colonialism to the environment and will be a contribution to the evolving dialogue relating to diasporic communities globally.

EXPLORER ~ SafARI 2016 writers publication ~ zip ~ 2 of 3



来,吃饭 (Come, eat)

Meals happened 14th, 15th and 17th of March! 15-20 seats per night.

Video by Mel garrick

SafARI 2016 gallery floorsheets ~ zip

ALASKA william st. show SafARI 2016 ~ 25


ALASKA william st. show SafARI 2016 ~ 25

claudia Nicholson

before us ~ detail

ALASKA william st. show SafARI 2016 ~ 24


ALASKA william st. show SafARI 2016 ~ 24

Claudia Nicholson

before us



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About Safari

Running from March 11-26, SafARI 2016 will present a variety of practices spanning sound, installation, text, digital/online, and performance, across multiple venues and platforms centred in Kings Cross and Paddington.

SafARI is a zeitgeist-based Australian Arts program timed to coincide with the opening weeks of the Biennale of Sydney. Showcasing the work of emerging and unrepresented artists, SafARI is presented in Artist Run Intiative spaces and independent Sydney venues. By zeitgeist we mean that we support the current and critical channel of thought and practice that emerging and independent artists are producing in. We want to be engaged and not didactic or instructional.

Please explore our website material as if its a folder of information on our Artists, Writers, Spaces and our program. Searching the name of any artist should bring up everything we have on them and what they are doing for SafARI 2016. Note: searches are cap sensitive, so we didnt use any.

Peter Nelson's work is available through his link that is always up above from March.

Our online venue at Runway houses two of our Artists (Grace Blake and Danny Wild as well as Guillaume Savy). We are so proud to be working with Runway on our collaborative issue: ECOLOGIES.

Our venues are close together, the lines of contact/passage drawn in our map to help you get around. Mimicing and celebrating how independant art practices and spaces opperate in Sydney we are excited to present SafARI 2016.

For our history please seach: history

For information about our back team please search: about

SafARI 2016 will have four main tiers:

~ program of exhibitions

~~ EXPLORER written work presented online and in print

~~~ online material

~~~~ public programs and events

A selection of our favourite relevent books will be available for sale in collaboration with Minerva during the program.

The Artists:

Peter Nelson (NSW) • Jesse Dyer (VIC) • Grace Blake and Danny Wild (ACT) • Anna Madeleine (NSW) • Amalia Mayor (NSW) • Hana Hoogedeure (NSW) • Tamara Kohler (VIC) • Jamie Lewis (VIC) • Emily O’Connor (NSW) • Akira and Nathan Lasker (NSW) • Dominic Kirkwood (NSW) • Danielle Zorbas (NSW) • Catherine Clayton-Smith (NSW) • Eloise Kirk (NSW) • Ben Chadbond (NSW) • David Attwood (WA) • Philippe Vranjes (VIC) • Sarah Poulgrain and Llewellyn Millhouse (QLD) • Claudia Nicholson (NSW) • Jana Hawkins-Andersen (NSW) • Matthew Linde (VIC) • Angela Garrick (NSW) • Guillaume Savy (VIC) • Undrawing the Line (NSW) • Megan Clune and Angela Goh (Tiger Tiger) (NSW) • Megan Hales (VIC)

The Writers:

Tom Pendergast (VIC) • Kathleen Linn (NSW) • Laura Couttie (VIC) • Kate Britton (NSW) • Victoria Maxwell (NSW) • Justin Hinder (VIC) • Julia Mendel (ACT) • Bri Lee (QLD) • Madeleine Stack (QLD) • Holly Childs (VIC)


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