a moonpsychics anthology


Wednesday Mar 23, 2016 Full Moon in Libra

Lunar Eclipse

dance party time... meditation with friends.. korean bath witch coven. the sun ieclipses the moon, its not a total eclipse, its a penumbral.. the shadow of the sun will dim the moon, as it ascends.. so we won’t be too prone to crazyness however communication Mercury is also opposite the moon. so yeh dancing bathing is recommended..because we could be a bit prone to a communication accident. mars in sextet gives us a little more power to ascend.


Wednesday Mar 9, 2016 New Moon in Pisces

Solar Eclipse

the dark side of the moon eclipses the sun..totally visible along a small line aross a quarter of the world. (nearest city Palembang, Indonesia) the moon is tug-o-waring opposite the wheel of fortune jupiter.. and squaring off with saturn, so we gotta look deep into the dark side of the pisces moon to save us/comfort us. we might learn a lesson today. good time to do a tarot card reading.. find a power in the darkness that keeps you moving./hummings

in india and nepal the sun will rise partially eclipsed. australia sees an up to 50% partial. the US and Europe miss out on seeing this. :-(.


Tuesday Feb 23, 2016 Full Moon in Virgo

rabbit hole time. the world is changing around you.. trust in transformation and healing. you can keep your head down or tell everyone you are right.. for those like myself, who lack attention to detail, this is a good time for some editing, or for those virgoans who live a meticulous life, remember what you are doing it all for. the world could exacerbate our planning actions but we keep in mind our goals.. our rabbit holes can be glorious, a time for maybe a hacking scam/crime.


Monday Feb 8, 2016: New Moon in Aquarius

you’re as moody as the moon baby. im so addicted to these small changes in my body and emotion but write these so I realise when I’m going overboard.

dark moon in aquarius - time for some radical plans. so we started this year with new moon in cancer and some long-term goals and now its time to do something unpredicatable and radical. with neptune vibrating in its own house. something spiritually 12th house transgressive/meditative could be the trick. we’re lucky we got the influence of capricorn (from a couple of weeks ago, plus venus, mercury and pluto) still balancing us out so its a safe-ish time to do something transgresive. but if you were to join a group or do somehting relationship-y could have long term consequences.


Sunday Jan 24, 2016 : Full Moon in Leo

So, we have some emotions coming up on sunday for the full moon.

the new moon in capricorn last week or so, probably put us on a practical, wise trajectory and we gonna reap the rewards soon.. how better with a full moon in leo when sun is in aquarius.. but it might take us a while to understand what the emotions that arise on sunday actually mean.. this is because the aquarius energy is about the impersonal and trying to find a way to be with everyone and the leo energy is wild about you!!

trying to be with everyone is hard especially when you can't stop people's anger, and/or stupid decisions. i imagine as all of you are so awesome there are people that try to bring that down, expect to run into a few assholes whose moon effect they've taken too far into their 'get off my lawn' policy... but totes ravish in your leo, in the closeness of your moonchildren.. and bring on that awesomeness supernova.. uranus is with us for progressive change this full moon..


Sunday Jan 10, 2016: New Moon in Capricorn

soo new moon occurs in capricorn on Jan 10th.. and its a great time for us to get a little bonus for the year before we set up some hard slogs.. so over the next 5 days we do some cool goaty stuff - be resourceful, play some music, climb up high, recognise some practical goals that could make us wiser in time for the next full moon.. aim for something we can reap in the next 2 weeks..


Friday Dec 25, 2015 Full Moon in Cancer

A small, healing Christmas.

whoah! when NASA reports it must mean something. smallest full moon since 2004.. and on christmas, not since 1977. moon in cancer sign can be healing/caring, like virgo hospitalises/cares with earth, cancer can be caring with our emotions/water.. but also very emotional..if u start to feel yourself on a full emotional tilt try and remember the healing underwater vibes.. give out underwater massages?? nurture yourself and others.. if stars are right maybe water will do it for you.


Friday Dec 11, 2015 New Moon in Sagitarrius

love to you all more and more moons.. Aha. So this new moon on friday is when we put in our seeds to reap for christmas full moon day.. christmas is crazy enough let alone a full moon!! lets be adventurous!! and jupiter is in a good position to shine on some progressive changes.. so as long as we don't overshoot the mark (lets do our best aiming in those good judging sagitarian eyes).. our eyes will be smiling.


Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015: Full Moon in Taurus

I hope the truth is coming clearer to you as full moon approaches again in Taurus.

the scorpio new moon could have brought up insecurities or even hate, or even 'obsessive' behaviour and we have to learn to forgive ourselves and others to get the full good energy from Taurus full moon. then we'll be able to have fun without hurting our relationships with ourselves or others!! yay!!

the full moon will inspire you to be braver with what your 'truth' is.. if you're like me you are likely to forget about it, amongst the noise of time and food stresses... so i'm trying to write mine down.. i'll probably have to get drunk before I'm able to share it with my friends.. for me the truth comes out when i'm having fun..think social beauty!! don't sacrifice your social life for obsessive truth finding!!


Wednesday Nov 11, 2015 New Moon in Scorpio

So I don't know about the rest of you but I'm coming down from the fun I tried so hard to have for the Taurus full moon... im sure we all saw the truth of 'being' right?? thats what taurus is so good for..

the new moon in scorpio is coming up next wednesday on 11 November.. to drag us in another direction. of course naturally we are meant to plant the seeds for transformation now, but a lot of the time, i feel like the world is fucked, we can be drawn to the negative sides of things because we want them to transform.. so.. the challenge for this week is to not get too bogged down in this..

we think about the truth we saw last week, the negativity we are seeing this week and next week and we make a spell. i was hesitant to encourage magic but you are all my friends and i trust you.. this new moon in scorpio is the best time for transformative spells.. you know what's best for you..


Tuesday Oct 27, 2015 Full Moon in Taurus

Freak out in the Fun

m back. got this message in my dreams..

the full moon coming is gonna be terrific.. we've been so fucking emotional and eclipsing and trying to think about the future our work/life/love balance.. its time to have some fun!!!!

spend some time with the little kids or be a kid yourself!!

if u have a big night, get a smoothie in the morning!!

save yourself for some earthy sex..

full moon crazy warning: everyone will be trying to have a lot of fun, so watch out for tantrums, and kiddy mind-games.. remember to surround yourself with poeple you love and trust, this will defend you against any of those bad energies..and mean you have the most FUN!!


Tuesday Oct 13, 2015 New Moon in Libra

its time for planting, planning for balance, fashion and beauty in our life, its been a tough ride with the eclipse. our communication (Mercury) over fashion, balance (Libra) has been in retrograde last week and a bit and venus the planet of libra has been retrograding all winter.. then we had all those eclipses for emotional intensity.

we've had focuses on career and getting organised lately, but now its time to think about how we want to spoil ourself and laying that into effect. its a balance-we put the hard work in and we'll get some great returns. because it is a new moon it is easy to find a voice that wants to do it an easy way, but listen to your heart and loved ones..

wishing you all waterfalls :-) new moon is a time when the ghosts and evil faeries come out so any preoccupation with your appearance, or what others think of you, or erratic indecision for no reason, acknowledge it and try put it to rest, inside us there's a balancing power of the goddesses/gods we are..

i've got some heavy libran shit in my chart so I'm super aware of the warning signs, some of you will only have slight effects from this dark moon


Mon Sep 28 2015 Full Moon in Aries

blood full moon, lunar eclipse

whoah are you ready for the aries blood full moon..

there's been lots of energy whooshing around and you may be exhausted..

but what you've been putting your energy into in the last 6 months will be about to come to fruition ...or possibly miscarriage... this can be an emotional time so we need to sit down quietly and listen to what comes up. see a new dawn with an open and accepting heart/// feel free to have red eyes on the red moon..

this is a double or nothing eclipse, but thanks to some balancing aspects we won't be so keen to destroy relationships etc this full moon.. more likely career or artistic risk.


Sun 13 September 2015 New Moon in Virgo

Lunar eclipse

dear moon curious/sensitive/lovers

coming up on friday sep 13 we have a new moon in virgo eclipsing the sun.. we will be dealing with new beginnings to do with work and attention to detail in regards to our health/healing. we can make these things work, they will find a way to overlay our public lives a little..depending on depth of affect you feel, you could simply come up with a new work or health routine..

how does our body feel in the system?? this new moon exposes flaws in the system prompting us to redo, be one with your new body awareness.. the effect this eclipse predicted to last for 6 months..a new 'calling' could emerge over this time

because we are dealing with the dark side of the moon, there is the potential that we can obsess over the flaws or feel guilty, stressed about them.. remember the full moon in pisces it is a balancing power to virgo.. these are very spiritual signs.. lets heal ourselves..remember the freedom power you felt at full moon after the stuff from april had built up.. to explode.. now its time for balanced introspection.. find beauty in


Saturday Aug 29, 2015 Full Moon in Pisces

Super Moon

Super full moon in pisces: emotional apocalypse

We have another full moon coming up on Saturday 29 August. It is in Pisces and what we have been working on emotionally since April will come to the fore....